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  1. ScottehBoeh

    Update - 0.19a.6 - Safe Zones, Radiation and 3D Arms

    0.19.a.6 puts a final end to the annoying issue of 3D armor getting in the way of your view when aiming up. We've finally stopped armor from rendering the arms at your sides and, instead, it now renders on your actual player arms. We've also revamped Zones and Radiation! 3D Arms/Armor We've...
  2. ScottehBoeh

    Update - 0.19a.5 - Player Lists, Traders and Clans

    With the release of Update 0.19a.5, the Player List has been complete, the Traders have been revamped and the Clans system now works perfectly! Thanks to everyone for trying out all of these features! Player List The player list now features up to (and possibly more in future) 64 players! These...