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  1. ScottehBoeh

    Update - 0.39a - Campfires, Landmines, Punji Sticks and new Traders!

    Finally! Another update post on the Forums! It's been a while, but I've got some pretty epic stuff being added! Hope you guys enjoy! Campfires! Yep! We're finally adding back the good ole' classic Campfires. You can now toast Infected Flesh and all Raw Flesh foods in return for a cooked...
  2. ScottehBoeh

    Update - 0.23 - ATV, Combat Logging and Safezone Camping!

    With a new update comes new features! Version 0.23a is now out and its going great! Many things have been fixed/implemented to make the experience even better! From a new vehicle to fixing combat logging/spawn killing! ATV/Quad Bike A new vehicle has been added! The ATV! It's very much buggy...
  3. ScottehBoeh

    Update - 0.22 - Convenience Traders, Batteries and Clans!

    Version 0.22a is soon to release! And with it comes some new features for all to enjoy! Including a new Trader, a few new items and some new Clan-based mechanisms to try out! Some bugs have also been squished, including the lag glitch in the Trader menu! Convenience Trader A new trader has been...
  4. ScottehBoeh

    Update - 0.19a.6 - Safe Zones, Radiation and 3D Arms

    0.19.a.6 puts a final end to the annoying issue of 3D armor getting in the way of your view when aiming up. We've finally stopped armor from rendering the arms at your sides and, instead, it now renders on your actual player arms. We've also revamped Zones and Radiation! 3D Arms/Armor We've...