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  1. Chuck

    ForteXxGaming [DayZ] SERVER!

    Come here! Yeah here! Visit my server on Community tab and search server with name ForteXxGaming [DayZ]!
  2. Retr_01

    Ask the developer to contact me.

    Hello, I come from China, I am very like your this mod, I want to translate it to Chinese players, after I have language translation, but some content is not language files, so I hope the author contact me help me to localization. My email :924025038@qq.com I wish you all the best.
  3. 2

    getAuth command dont work

    [23:36:57 INFO]: An unknown error occurred while attempting to perform this command [23:36:57 ERROR]: Couldn't process command: 'getAuth' java.lang.NullPointerException at net.decimation.mod.server.commands.Command_DiscordAuthCode.func_71515_b(Command_DiscordAuthCode.java:50)...
  4. ScottehBoeh

    How to Fix: Game Crashing when joining a World/Server

    How to Fix: Game Crashing when joining a World/Server: There are many specific reasons that could cause your game to crash when attempting to join a World/Server. Here are a few possible fixes for this issue that you may find useful: Possible Reason: Your game is attempting to load an invalid...
  5. ScottehBoeh

    Official Decimation Rules

    In-Game Rules: 1. Do not Hack! (Vision Hacks & Movement Hacks) : 14 Days Ban 2. No Mic Spamming is Allowed!: 1 Warning > 1 Hour Ban > 1 Day Ban 3. Don't Spam in Chat!: 1 Warning > 1 Hour Ban > 1 Day Ban 4. Do not use Major Offensive Language (Including Racism) : Warning > 6 Hours Mute > 1 Hour...
  6. subterror227

    Account Requirements

    Is a Minecraft Account required to join the official Decimation servers or can one join with a cracked game