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  1. C


    Hi There, I would like to find out how to set up a map for single player that has a decimation map on it with generating loot. Similarly, I would like to find out how to set up a private server but with generating loot and zombies and a decimation map. Is this possible?
  2. Rivendahl

    1) Purchased Ranks, 2) Personal Server Tutorials

    I have two things to address: Purchased Rank as Rivendahl but I'm rivendahl. The /kit commands works and I have access to my kits. The game still suggests I'm not a supporter and don't have a title and so I cannot use the rank related commands other than /kit I would love to run a personal...
  3. T

    Help Updating Decimation on a server?!

    Hi, I made a server hoping me and my friends could play, I remembered updating the mod earlier today and can figure out how to update the mod on my server. If there is some command that would be nice to know. Also I'm not making the server to claim I own the mod or anything like that I just...
  4. D

    Server Config Bug

    I recently created a server using Decimation, but when I changed the config to allow breaking and placing blocks, I couldn't. It doesn't have to do with the server itself, just Decimation. I was opped when I tried this. Could someone please help me fix this? I need help as fast as possible and...
  5. faybian99

    Server Checks Lags Game

    So I am running a custom pack which includes decimation so im not expacting help on that side. But the server checks keeps ruining my server. Every 30 seconds or so the server checks with the decimation server, gives me an error cause my client is modded beside decimation and the tries again...
  6. faybian99

    Private Server Questions And Issues

    I'm hosting a private server to use with friends but i have a couple of questions and issues. First up, zones. - fixed You can select an area with the admin wand and then make it into a zone with the /zone set command, but after that then what? On the official servers you get a popup when you...
  7. Chuck

    ForteXxGaming [DayZ] SERVER!

    Come here! Yeah here! Visit my server on Community tab and search server with name ForteXxGaming [DayZ]!
  8. Retr_01

    Ask the developer to contact me.

    Hello, I come from China, I am very like your this mod, I want to translate it to Chinese players, after I have language translation, but some content is not language files, so I hope the author contact me help me to localization. My email :924025038@qq.com I wish you all the best.
  9. 2

    getAuth command dont work

    [23:36:57 INFO]: An unknown error occurred while attempting to perform this command [23:36:57 ERROR]: Couldn't process command: 'getAuth' java.lang.NullPointerException at net.decimation.mod.server.commands.Command_DiscordAuthCode.func_71515_b(Command_DiscordAuthCode.java:50)...
  10. ScottehBoeh

    How to Fix: Game Crashing when joining a World/Server

    How to Fix: Game Crashing when joining a World/Server: There are many specific reasons that could cause your game to crash when attempting to join a World/Server. Here are a few possible fixes for this issue that you may find useful: Possible Reason: Your game is attempting to load an invalid...
  11. ScottehBoeh

    Official Decimation Rules

    Official Decimation - Rules In-Game Rules; [1] Hacking is not allowed - And will result in a punishment. 1st offense: one month ban 2nd offense: permanent ban [2] Advertising is not allowed - Discords, other modpacks, IP's. 1st offense: one week ban 2nd offense: permanent mute [3] Abusing...
  12. subterror227

    Account Requirements

    Is a Minecraft Account required to join the official Decimation servers or can one join with a cracked game