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  1. ScottehBoeh

    How to Fix: Game not Starting Properly after I Update!

    How to Fix: Game not Starting Properly after Update: This is an issue that occurs after updating your game and restarting it. This can happen due to several different reasons: Possible Reason: You are using a 1.7.10 folder inside of your /mods/ folder. Sadly, the mod does not support this...
  2. ScottehBoeh

    Decimation - All Beta Updates

    Version 0.34b - Added Galil to Heavy Guns Trader - Added AKM to Heavy Guns Trader - Added G3A3 and G3A4 to Trader - Added Alliances for Clans - Added Supply Drop Jet/Plane - Changed multiple UI-based textures - Fixed crash manager ---------------------------------------- Version 0.33b_fix...
  3. ScottehBoeh

    Update - 0.39a - Campfires, Landmines, Punji Sticks and new Traders!

    Finally! Another update post on the Forums! It's been a while, but I've got some pretty epic stuff being added! Hope you guys enjoy! Campfires! Yep! We're finally adding back the good ole' classic Campfires. You can now toast Infected Flesh and all Raw Flesh foods in return for a cooked...