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  1. Bot David

    Next update maybe?

    This idea for single player & multi player -I think if the village is added a barrier, soldier, and a trader thats feels like real apocalytic -Infected is spawn commonly -If create a new survival world a supply crate is spawn near the player and contains a gun, water, bullet, and food (like...
  2. B

    Zombies Are Not Spawning in SP?

    Hey, just wondering if anyone could help me out here. I used the Decimation mod in a private server so I could configure loot spawning etc but there appears to be no zombies spawning around? Any idea on how to solve this?
  3. VeteranPug

    Clan lieutenants/Allies

    Clan Lieutenants: Clans are a huge thing in decimation because it's a group that survives unites together to fight the grueling zombies and other players that roam the city of New York, but what happens when the leader isn't on? Traitors start to form there own clans when new members aren't...