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Bugs/ Ideas

Fix the bugs with some of the sniper scopes.
Maybe add guns that can put a actual bipod down and aim and have better accuracy or less recoil (mostly on lmgs)
Make it so you can talk on the radio with voice chat. (use minekov's voice chat)

More loot inside supply crates?
More military vehicles around the map with some loot in them.
Use some more of the building space inside buildings for loot.
Nerf the riotshield so it would only reduce damage not make the bullet act like marshmallows
add voice chat :D
Hey just some more quick ideas. But you should add the M9 berreta , The glock line, p250, p2000,Usp, some pistols to the mix :D, M416, Ar-15, grenades, flash bang, smoke, grenade launchers.