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Clan lieutenants/Allies

Clan Lieutenants:
Clans are a huge thing in decimation because it's a group that survives unites together to fight the grueling zombies and other players that roam the city of New York, but what happens when the leader isn't on? Traitors start to form there own clans when new members aren't recruited or being watched. There should be a chain of command in the clan at all times. Here's my suggestion.

1.Leader:Has indefinite power over all clan members and makes executive decisions.

2.Co-Leader: Has the power to invite people to the clan and also kick them from the clan but cannot kick the leader.

3.Lieutenant: Has the power to issue out warnings and rally members that are online to a specific locations (Rallying Points). The warnings can only happen 3 times and can only work if the Co-Leader approves it. 3 warnings means they get kicked out of the clan.

Clan Allies:

Allies are essential if you wanna survive the apocalypse, you meet another group and have a good partnership, but sometimes you can shoot them by accident without knowing. Allies can benefit your group by supporting you in combat if you are pinned in locations where combat goes on, they can provide supplies if in any situation you need it and they provide the numbers to your clan. It's good to feel king doesn't it, So I have a few suggestions in this topic.

1. Adding Allies: You can be able to add Allies and they have green name tags top of their names like the clan tags, a member could suggestion a clan they could ally with but either the Co-leader or the Leader can make these executive decisions.

2. Friendly Fire: Allies can't hurt you but they can't hurt you, only if you break the connection between two of the clans can they kill you, this is to prevent accidents from happening, clans have friendly fire in them too and you can't actually kill your team-mates, but once clans break the bond between them they can have some sort of grace period.

3. Notifications: Decimation notifies you when a clan member or a ally.



Staff member
Great ideas and concepts. I'll definitely be adding a type of "Alliance" system between clans. I'll also add a feature that will let Leaders promote their clan members to Lieutenant (All though the Rank will most likely be named something else). Anyways! Awesome. I'll get working on this sometime during the weekend or next week! :)