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Decimation Bugs and Glitch


Staff member
Hello Decimation's Staff .
When i was playing on the server , I found a lot of bugs and glitch , so here it is :

Bug of Decimation ( Program / Server ) :
- When we do F3 with gun in the hand , we see the cursor on the middle of the screen.
-People who use Decimation on MAC can't pick item on the ground.
-When someone Combat Logged , he's corpse disapear .

Problem maybe not bugs :
-When someone prone , he take less damage than someone is up ( Maybe the hitbox has to be fixed ).

Thank for have heard me , you dear butler , thyrdon .


Staff member
Cursor was for testing aiming on new weapons we add :) It'll be removed on full-release of the game. As for people who combat log, their corpse will not show until they re-log back into the server. (They die when they rejoin, not when they disconnect). People on Mac/MacOS can definitely pick up items. :P