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Game Starting Glitch

I dont know much about anything in this field of minecraft, but I do know that it is not normal for my game to periodically crash randomly within five minutes of starting my game. Whenever I start my game, it acts normal, I play at over 60-150 fps while I play, but the second I start going through my settings and start clicking buttons, it gets very laggy and whenever I click a done button, as in, ANY BUTTON THAT SAYS (DONE), I get a long lag spike lasting 5-20 seconds. Averagely 15 seconds. And eventually while playing my game, it crashes and I see the text giving me how it failed, always saying:

The game crashed whilst unexpected error
Error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Class is not registered: net.mcdecimation.discord.main.servermanager.sendandreceive.Request_FromClient_PlayerProfile

If you know anything about why this is happening or if you know what the text means, please tell me, it will be very much appreciated. Any other form of support is also welcomed.
Hi Jack,
Try playing the mod on a launcher, and if you are playing it on a launcher, are you using a cracked account? It seems like a request from the sever is denied request info.