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How to Fix: Game not Starting Properly after I Update!

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How to Fix: Game not Starting Properly after Update:
This is an issue that occurs after updating your game and restarting it. This can happen due to several different reasons:

  • Possible Reason: You are using a 1.7.10 folder inside of your /mods/ folder. Sadly, the mod does not support this, meaning that you'll have to use the normal /mods/ folder without a 1.7.10 folder.
    āœ… How to Fix: Perform a clean reinstallation of Decimation and make sure to place the Decimation.jar inside of your /mods/ folder and not /mods/1.7.10/. Then start the game, update and everything should work!
  • Possible Reason: Your internet cut out during the updating of the Mod. This can occur if you live very far away from our EU file server. Because your internet has cut out, the file can not download as a whole and is unable to run properly when you restart your game.
    āœ… How to Fix: Download the latest version of the mod from Here. Also make sure to download the Voice Chat mod from Here to avoid any more in-game updates.
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