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How to Fix: I am getting Kicked by Anticheat

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How to Fix: I am getting Kicked by Anticheat
This issue occurs when attempting to join an Official Server, or a community server that has Anticheat enabled. If you are 100% sure that you do not have any hacked clients or game-tampering modifications installed (except for Optifine) then the following fixes may help:

  • Possible Reason: You have other mods in your /mods/ folder. This means that Decimation has detected other mods installed on your game and therefore prevents you from joining Official Server/Community Servers with Anticheat enabled.
    How to Fix: Remove all mods from your /mods/ folder except for Decimation.jar and DecimationVoiceChat.jar

  • Possible Reason: You have Cheat Engine running in the background. Even if you are not using Cheat Engine for Decimation, it will still be detected and prevented by Decimation.
    How to Fix: Open your Task Manager and close all Cheat Engine related processes, then launch/restart your game

  • Possible Reason: You are not running the latest version of Decimation. This means that you are prevented from joining Servers that happen to have the latest version of the game.
    How to Fix: Update your Decimation from the Main Menu (Make sure that you have updates enabled in your Client configuration)

  • Possible Reason: You are running Forge with Liteloader, or have Liteloader installed. Decimation can detect Liteloader and will block players from joining Anticheat-enabled servers.
    How to Fix: Delete/Uninstall Liteloader from your Minecraft launcher. Or attempt to launch the game without Liteloader if possible
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