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How to Fix: Unable to Spawn Traders!

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How to Fix: Unable to Spawn Traders:
This is a common issue that many server owners have when they are unable to use the specified /trader commands to spawn traders onto their Server/World. Here are some potential fixes:

  • Your WorldGuard region has mob-spawning disabled. This is the most common reason that traders are not spawning on your Map. If your WorldGuard region has mob-spawning disabled, this means that any traders within said region are unable to spawn as entities. To fix this, simple type: /region flag <regionName> mob-spawning allow. (Note: This will also allow other Mobs to spawn within your region! Use wisely!)
  • You are on Single Player. As of the latest update, Traders are unable to spawn on a Singleplayer world unless you use the vanilla command "/summon".
  • Your Server is Lagging. The most uncommon reason, but it still occurs, is that the server is lagging and cannot spawn in the Trader NPC's.
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