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I cant play multiplayer on this modpack why?

Discussion in 'Beta Bugs/Glitches Reports' started by speedercat, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. speedercat

    speedercat New Member

    when i open the modpack its says conected and then it apears a mensage and it says warning your session is invalid.
    ps. its a original minecraft account
    what i have to do to solve this problem?
  2. Deadbushlover9

    Deadbushlover9 New Member

    Open task manager and end task Minecraft
    It works for me
  3. DeadlyFirex

    DeadlyFirex New Member

    Are you having a official account? If not, that's pretty normal, if you have a normal bought Minecraft account, try to kill the process and restart your PC, and clear your cache!
    Good luck and hope to see you soon on one of the servers!
    - Deadly

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