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Hi Guys,

I've got some ideas :

-add Scar-L and Scar-H
-add AK 47
-add Mini 14
-add SKS
-add Glock 18


-better driving:
•The car rolls out when you no longer press „W"
•steer better
-add Buggy
-add suv
-add Boats
-add motorcycle

Other things:

-add more scopes (ACOG,holographic sight, 6x scope...)
-add medkit
-add adrenaline syringe

I hope I could help you with my ideas!
Yours Traxx_
I like these ideas! So ill add a few

- M9 Beretta

- Sg550

- Ssg 08

- Tec-9

- 500 magnum

- Better Zombie AI

- Bullet Drop / Damage from range

- Gas masks need filters that need cleaned overtime

- Generators power nearby special blocks

- Bear Traps

- bar gate (E to open)

- Bio hazard loot creates and prop (from minekov)
There are all great ideas just gonna list a number of vehicles I want added to the game
-Pickup truck
-tank(Maybe pushing it to far with the vehicles)
That are very great ideas !
I hope some of them will be add to the mod
That would be very cool!
Thank you for your ideas.

Yours Traxx_
/clan list ( to show online clan members)
/clan chat ( to chat with every member of the clan)
most commands are cap sensitive
clan ranking ( increaases by killing players and zombies)
clan storage (separate tab in the npc higher clan rank unlock more storage. clan inventory accessible by all clan members)
Bandit merchants ( sell stuff with absurd prices. scattered around the map. may have good stuff to sell but over priceed)
(super optional)
clan pvp mini games ( technically to clans battles of with 3v3 or 5v5. they have same inventory and have to capture points.the members dnt lose inevntry when they die but decrease the clan rank. Each palyer has one life)
I heard ghillie suits are coming.. Don't know for sure if it's for real,
Anyway Scott, the AA12 is a full automatic shotgun, although you made it single fired.
Just making that shotgun get his real power ;)
- Deadly
  • Дорогие разработчики, мне очень понравился ваш мод Decimation, у меня к вам просьба сделать так, чтобы игроки могли войти в одиночный режим без Интернета?