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In-Game Tutorial: How to link your In-game and Discord Accounts

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In-Game Tutorial: How to link your In-game and Discord Accounts:
In this tutorial, I will teach you how to link your in-game account to your discord account. This will allow you to view your in-game statistics, such as kills/deaths from your Discord account!

Step 1. Get your Minecraft UUID
To complete this step, simply grab your Minecraft UUID. You can use a Website like NameMC to fetch your Minecraft UUID simply.

Step 2. Get your In-game Auth Code
To get your auth code, log into an official Decimation server andd type the command /getAuth. You will be given both your Minecraft UUID and your In-game Auth code.

Step 3. Linking your account via Discord
This step is fairly simple. Log into your Discord and join the Official Decimation Discord. Once you are in the discord, go to the #link_profile channel and send the following command:
Step 4. You're all set!
Now that you've linked your In-game account to your Discord account, you can type !stats in the #my_profile channel! If you are a Supporter, you will automatically be given a rank on the Discord. And if you have an in-game rank (as seen on the mod main menu) you will also be given that rank on the Discord!
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