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Suggestions for Decimation

Good or bad Idea?

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Since there is no Suggestions Tab, I'll post this in here.

Notice: I don't know anything of coding, and don't know if these suggestions are even possible.

Make Gas Masks useful by adding different Radiation Zones. Addition: Filters
Civillian Gas mask (Tier 1): Gives you protection for a small amount of time. Higher Radiation levels make this Gas mask useless. Filters are very common to be found.
Police Gas Mask (Tier 2): Enables protection full time protection from Tier 1 Radiation. You can survive a sufficient amount of time in Tier 2 Radiation. Filters are only found in Police crates with a x%.
Military Gas mask (Tier 3) Grants full protection against Tier 1 & Tier 2 Radiation. Long survivability in Tier 3 Radiation.
Filters are extremely rare and only can be found in Military crates or Supply Drops.
Counter for Gas Masks: -

Fragmentation Grenade, Flashbang, Supply Drop smoke, Tear Gas, and Gas Grenades.
Fragmentation Grenade: Deals high damage (very high. Make it an instant kill if close by) causes bleeding. Makes you temporarily deaf.
Counter: Lay down (Only reduces damage)
2.2 Flashbang: Causes temporarily blindness and makes you for a short amount of time deaf.
Counter: Turning away
2.3 Supply Drop smoke: When thrown a Supply Crate will be dispatched to the location of the smoke.
2.4 Teargas: Makes you screen blurred. Effect weakens over time.
Counter Gas mask
Counter: Nearby players will probably notice! Supply Drop will be announced on all radio frequencies.
2.5 Gas Grenade: Causes High damage or can cause low damage over time / suffocation.
Counter: Gas Mask

Handcuffs: Handcuffed players will be slightly slower can't access hotbar and won't be able to shoot weapons. Won't be able to access commands. (/spawn...) Disconnecting will kill you!
Counter: Crowbar, Keys, coming soon

Rope: Can be used to climb up buildings using an harness. Can also be used to tie up another person, which will make them slightly slower, they can still access hotbar but can't shoot. No access to commands! Disconnecting will kill you.
Counter (For the tie up version): Knife, and will loosen over time resulting off wiggling free.

Flashlight & batteries:
1.1 Flashlight (Attachment): Can be attached to any rifle. Can be toggled on/off. Will light up areas within the sharp cone. Modes: Normal, and flickering. Will cause limited sight to the enemy if used in a surprise attack.
1.2 Flashlight: An Item that will light up areas in its cone.
Both of these Items will use batteries.
1.3 Batteries: Can be found in any loot crate.

Drugs & Medication:
6.1 Pain killers: Reduce pain.
6.2 First Aid Kit: Removes every sickness effect, and bleeding. Will heal the player by 4 hearts. Short amount of time no pain.

Coming Soon! Updates will be written in a new Thread.

Effects / sickness

Pain: Screen gets blurred, shaking screen, and regular screams.

Cold: Make regular sneezes.

Coming Soon!

Fixes / Updates of existing Features

Infection: Will deal more damage. Needs a longer time to be cured.

Bleeding: ( I know it doesn't exist yet) Shaking, possible of bleeding out, nausea.

Morphine: Will reduce pain for a medium time span.

Movement: Able to lay down by only pressing "z" once. (Same for crouching)
Coing Soon!

New Features (very experimental):

Clan Outposts: No further Information

More Vehicles: (Helicopters, Trucks, Cars etc.) No further Information

Coming Soon!

Weather / Effects (Optional):

Fog:Limited sight

Coming Soon!

I would appreciate it if I get an proper response.