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Hello guys,

just some ideas that could get added:

-M4A1 (btw Scott u promised me to add that gun on discord)
-Barret .50 Cal.
-FN Fiveseven
-FN P90
-Grenade Launcher
-some HMGs/LMGs

-ACOG sight
-Halo sight
-Holo sight
-Buttstock (for decreasing recoil)
-Grenade Launcher attached at the Gun
-Tactical Laser
-Tactical Flashlight

-Black Hawk
-Apache Helicopter (with Hellfire Rockets and heat-seeking missile)
-Military Trooper Transporter
-Military Battledrone (direct it with remote control)
-Civilian Cars

And a nice feature would be if you add Territories which can be bought to build a clan base on it!
Hi Deathly,
Like your ideas! I am personally a lover of the SCAR's, and love Barrett's, The sights are good ideas too! I would add this to Scott, more police crates, and more weapon loot in crates, but awesome list!