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Update - 0.19a.5 - Player Lists, Traders and Clans


Staff member
With the release of Update 0.19a.5, the Player List has been complete, the Traders have been revamped and the Clans system now works perfectly! Thanks to everyone for trying out all of these features!

Player List
The player list now features up to (and possibly more in future) 64 players! These players are the first 64 players for your client to fetch from the server. Your own player will show as Yellow, with Clan members showing up as Green (and Normal players showing as White). We've decided to also include each players ping on the player list too.

Traders now have a completely new set of Commands. These commands can be found by typing /trader in-game. This will print a line of commands in your chat. Creating traders and the storage of traders has been simplified, as we are now using JSON instead of Text-file storage. This means that the traders system is robust and reliable with no bugs yet discovered. (You'll also notice that we've changed the name-tag colour of trader from yellow to red.

Clans have also been improved and revamped to use JSON instead of Text-file storage, meaning that clans no longer bug out when a new clan is created or an old clan is disbanded. All Clan commands are the same, however we are working on a new Clan Humanity and Clan Score system which will be introduced at a later time during Decimation Alpha.