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Update - 0.19a.6 - Safe Zones, Radiation and 3D Arms


Staff member
0.19.a.6 puts a final end to the annoying issue of 3D armor getting in the way of your view when aiming up. We've finally stopped armor from rendering the arms at your sides and, instead, it now renders on your actual player arms. We've also revamped Zones and Radiation!

3D Arms/Armor
We've finally got armor rendering on the players arms in 1st person instead of by their side. This feature is great for reminding yourself of what armor you actually have equipped.

Spetsnaz Armor with an M4A4

Juggernaut Armor with an SVD (Dragunov)
Setting Safezones/Radiation Zones
Zone mechanisms have been revamped for Administrators, including a new set of commands to be used. Instead of using /deci, the player can now use /zone. (/zone help in-game for more info). We've added a more appealing chat message and sound for admins who set new zones, too! (As well as deleting zones)

More features will (obviously) be revamped over time to provide more optimised gameplay and more user-friendly tools for staff/players. Enjoy!