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Update - 0.22 - Convenience Traders, Batteries and Clans!


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Version 0.22a is soon to release! And with it comes some new features for all to enjoy! Including a new Trader, a few new items and some new Clan-based mechanisms to try out! Some bugs have also been squished, including the lag glitch in the Trader menu!

Convenience Trader
A new trader has been added! This trader will buy/sell convenience items such as Batteries and Jerry Cans. Currently, batteries are quite useless until we add in the rest of the power-based features to the mod.


Clan-based Humanity
All players who are in a Clan now share the same Humanity. This helps identify what your clan represents. For example, if you wish to become a clan of bandits, you may work as a team to decrease your Humanity to Bandit level, instead of everyone having different humanity levels. This also means that it is the important choice of the clan leader to chose who stays and who goes, should they wish to push a specific agenda to their clan!

Power Generators and Batteries!
A new Power Generator block has been added and allows the player to charge up old batteries. These batteries (as stated before) are quite useless at this time, but are great for selling! You can charge Batteries with a power generator by simply right clicking with the battery held in hand!

The New Power Generator Block

New Tool Tip when holding Battery and looking at Power Generator

Item Lore showing the overall capacity left in a Battery
Thanks for staying tuned! More features related to batteries coming soon! :)

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