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Update - 0.23 - ATV, Combat Logging and Safezone Camping!


Staff member
With a new update comes new features! Version 0.23a is now out and its going great! Many things have been fixed/implemented to make the experience even better! From a new vehicle to fixing combat logging/spawn killing!

ATV/Quad Bike
A new vehicle has been added! The ATV! It's very much buggy and requires Jerry Cans to run (or Creative Mode). This great little vehicle is faster than sprinting but not too fast! A few bugs still remain to squish with the ATV (such as driving up hills and over slabs)

Combat Logging
A new Combat Logging system has been added! Every time you are hit/hit someone, your counter begins at 15 seconds! If you leave a server/instance before 15 seconds is over, your player is killed upon next login. And yes! We've added an indicator so you can check if you're safe to leave yet!

Invalid Session Indicator
This new feature informs the player when they are running their game on an invalid session! (Not a valid Mojang login/Account/Cracked). This indication helps new players understand what that means and how to fix it (depending on if you are running the mod on a Modpack or Vanilla Launcher)


We've also fixed Safe Zone camping! If you attack someone outside/near safe zone, your safe zone counter starts. Until this counter reaches 0, you are prone to being attacked in safe zone by Players.​