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Update - 0.39a - Campfires, Landmines, Punji Sticks and new Traders!


Staff member
Finally! Another update post on the Forums! It's been a while, but I've got some pretty epic stuff being added! Hope you guys enjoy!

Yep! We're finally adding back the good ole' classic Campfires. You can now toast Infected Flesh and all Raw Flesh foods in return for a cooked version! (Aka, you can cook food now).

Landmines and Punji Sticks? Neat!
We've added 2 new traps that you can set up around your bases! Landmines and Punji Sticks! You can place these on the floor and they activate when they're stepped on (Be careful! They can activate under you, too!). The Punji Sticks cause immense health damage to players who step on them, whilst the Landmines instantly explode.

And yes! The traders sell em'!
We've added all new items to the various traders that they relate to. We've also created a new Fortification Trader that sells the Landmines and Punji Sticks. The Campfires can also be bought from the Convenience Trader!