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Bottlecaps for maps

If I have npcs giving quests is there a way for me to give players bottlecaps as a reward? I have tried to use a command block but it says it doesn’t have permission and the @p doesn’t seem to work. I have tried to use the summon command but nothing shows up. And bottlecaps cannot be dropped because I tried the give command. This is rather limiting for mapmakers unfortunately ☹️
Just tested this out. Gave bottlecaps as a quest reward. It does not go into the virtual wallet. Also the mod won’t let me drop them. As far as I can see there isn’t a command to add physical bottlecaps to the wallet just virtual.

I assume traders only see the virtual wallet.

Edit: For map making, it would be simpler to just allow the /caps give @p {amount} in a command block

Edit #2: That still would cause issues because caps can’t be dropped and that command basically drops items ☹️
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